Short fiction lovers take note! Starting this month, will publish original short fiction every Wednesday in 2013!

Since their launch in 2008, has always been a competitive market for original short sci-fi and fantasy fiction. They’ve been able to work outside of conventional publishing boundaries, create original illustrations for the stories, and have now garnered both Nebula and Hugo Awards! By the end of last year, doubled their editorial staff, both in acquiring editors and first readers for their open submissions file. Their fiction team consisting of Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Liz Gorinsky, Ann VanderMeer, Ellen Datlow, Bridget Smith, and Carl Engle-Laird is working harder than ever to bring the best of what’s on the cutting edge of new speculative fiction! They’ve always been proud of our stories and now they’re proud to offer new ones once a week! Expect forthcoming new stories from Genevieve Valentine, Harry Turtledove, Cory Doctorow, and many, many more.

Check out every story they’ve ever told here and come back every Wednesday for a new one!

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