FANTASTIC FICTION at KGB reading series, hosts Ellen Datlow and Matthew Kressel present:

Tom Monteleone & Lawrence C. Connolly, Wednesday, September 16th, 2015 at KGB Bar, 7pm.

61CghXJXjfL._SX373_BO1204203200_Tom Monteleone
Tom Monteleone sold his first short story in 1972. Since then, there have been more than a hundred others in magazines and anthologies. He’s written 30 novels including the NY Times bestseller The Blood of the Lamb; edited the award-winning Borderlands anthology series; won the Bram Stoker Award 4 times in 4 different categories; founded and helms the Borderlands Press Writers Boot Camp; loves to read his work to people like you. Despite being dragged kicking and screaming into his 60’s and losing his hair, he still thinks he is dashingly handsome. Humor him.




71R5ygv9RCL-200x300Lawrence C. Connolly
Lawrence C. Connolly’s books include the novels Veins and Vipers, the first two books of the Veins Cycle. Vortex, the third book in the series, was released late last year. Three collections of his short stories have been published: Visions, This Way to Egress, and Voices. Voices was a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award, Superior Achievement in a Fiction Collection.

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015, 7pm at KGB Bar, 85 East 4th Street
(just off 2nd Ave, upstairs.)

Partially sponsored by Cemetery Dance Publications ( and the following individuals and organizations:

slipknotIn a revolutionary pairing this Autumn, horror and music fans alike will flock to Northern California en masse to experience Slipknot’s Scream Park. Slipknot band members Corey Taylor and M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan have partnered with Sacramento based Scream Park California to produce an event that explores a whole new, intensely visceral world of horror, as only Slipknot can provide. Featuring three haunted houses, and thunderous live horror entertainment, the event is expected to attract over thirty thousand attendees from around the world. Said Clown from Slipknot, “Become aware. Stay alert. Know what’s behind every corner. We are bringing our temperature to a haunted house this October. If you suspect that something may frighten you, well then your instincts are correct. Be a part of the new way. The only way.”

Masterminding a full immersion in horror for attendees is right in line with much of what Slipknot stands for. From the band’s very beginnings, Slipknot’s visual and artistic aesthetic tapped into a deep appreciation of the horror genre. Across a career which to this point has notched 40 Gold and 12 Platinum albums and hundreds of millions of video views, Slipknot’s driving forces have been brilliant music and showmanship, coupled with a profound willingness to unsettle. Slipknot’s presence within the horror genre is massive, with their music placed in several films and franchises (Resident Evil, Freddy Vs Jason, Rollerball), while outside of the band, Taylor has acted (“Fear Clinic”) and written bestselling books and comics (Dark Horse “House Of Gold & Bones”). Crahan has directed many of Slipknot’s most compelling videos and short films (and recently completed work on his feature length directorial debut “Officer Downe”), starred in the horror film “Devils Carnival”, and created a darkly beautiful art book “Apocalyptic Nightmare”. Horror is in Taylor and Crahan’s DNA, and they are both executive producers at Slipknot’s Scream Park, taking a very active role in the planning and production of the event.

Scream Park California is known widely to produce high-intensity events, earning accolades such as Scariest in California (HauntWorld), and Best in the West (Forbes). According to co-producer Nathan Polanco, “It’s going to be bigger, scarier, and more intense than ever before. Slipknot has taken us to a whole new level.”

This year, the entire event will be Slipknot inspired, featuring three haunted houses named for the band. Said Polanco in an interview, “the haunted houses have definitely been taken up a notch this year. It’s definitely a whole new brand of horror. Slipknot’s body of work and expertise have proven to be an incredible asset during the production of these haunted houses. These are horror opportunities that were previously unimaginable.” The three haunted houses featured at the event this year are titled Prepare for Hell, Skin Ticket, and Clown’s Playhouse. The band has been tight lipped about the specific contents of each maze, but have let slip that one will be completely dark, with fans receiving only a flashlight with which to navigate endless nightmarish hallways.

In addition, Slipknot’s Scream Park has partnered with the Monster Energy AFTERSHOCK Festival to produce the Monster Energy AFTERSHOCK Pre-Party on Friday, October 23 from 7pm to midnight. Combo tickets to both Slipknot’s Scream Park and Monster Energy AFTERSHOCK Festival will also be on sale.

The event is open twenty nights throughout October, starting on the 2nd. For tickets and information, visit

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erus_0715_campaign_tim_holtz_aug_2015Adding further creative options for crafters this autumn, Sizzix® debuted a brilliant collection of Tim Holtz® Alterations™ die-cutting, embossing and punch products for his motorized Vagabond™ Machine last month at the Craft and Hobby Association 2015 Paper Arts+ Show.

Highlighting the product assortment are three wafer-thin, chemically-etched Thinlits™ die sets that create monster, vampire and zombie shapes to easily layer and assemble for frightfully fun Halloween projects.

Other Thinlits offerings include three Halloween sentiments sets that add ghoulish phrases such as “boo,” “spooky” and “toil & trouble” in block, handwritten and script fonts, while another set die-cuts detailed fall foliage shapes for autumn-themed or other mixed-media inspiration.

Tim’s latest Ghosts, Hocus Pocus, Jack-o-Lanterns and Skull Bigz™ dies cut thicker materials as diverse as chipboard, cork, fabric, grungeboard™, magnet and leather using its industry-first steel-rule cutting blade.

Tiny Bat, Cross & Shield Movers & Shapers™ Magnetic Insert Dies customize the Coffin Box Movers & Shapers™ L Base Die from an assortment of materials. Five Texture Fades™ Embossing Folders give papercrafting projects stylish bat, blood, cobweb, poison label and zigzag backgrounds.

Completing the release are two ergonomic paper punches that incorporate oak and maple leaf designs for altered art, cards, home décor, tags and more.

The August collection of Tim Holtz Alterations products is now available in local craft boutiques and major retail craft chains around the country. For more information, visit

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mst3k 1Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume 1
Created by Joel Hodgson
Cast: Joel Hodgson, Michael J. Nelson, Trace Beaulieu, Kevin Murphy
Reviewed by Brian M. Sammons

No, you read that right, this is a review for Volume 1. Yes, I did just review Mystery Science Theater 3000 (or MST3K) Volume 33. No, I didn’t jump into a time machine in order to do it. Shout! Factory has re-released it for those MSTies (fans of the awesome, cult favorite TV show) that missed it the first time and because it has been out of print for many years. So, here’s your second bite at the apple, but should you take it?

Well if you don’t already have it then hell yes. This is MST3K we’re talking about here. That’s the good stuff. What, you don’t know what Mystery Science Theater 3000 is? Well allow me to give you the nickel tour. MST3K was a TV show that ran from 1988 to 1999 about a guy marooned on the Satellite of Love way up in space who had to watch cheesy B-grade (or often Z-grade) movies as some sort of deranged experiment. In order to survive his mind-numbing ordeal, our hero made some robot friends and together they made fun of, or “riffed on,” all the bad movies. As simple as that sounds, something that fans of bad movies have done for just about forever, it was revolutionary to see it on television, not to mention hilarious. So much so, that even after all these years since its last episode aired, it still has a large cult following, is constantly name dropped by comedians, and lives on in two distinct incarnations today. Check out and for more info on both of those. As for the original show, the good people over at Shout! Factory have continued to put it on DVD for years, with this four pack being their first offering. Is this early effort worth a get? Well grab your favorite Smart Alec robot buddy and let’s find out.

This time out you get four groovy and far out flicks that run the gambit from monster movies to thrillers, and beach blanket fun to dull drama. Starting things off is Catalina Caper, a 1967 beach bunny/surfer crime caper mystery. Yeah, you read that right. While this “groovy” musical beach mystery can be a bit of a slog, Joel and the bots make entertaining, and it does have a high as a kite Little Richard showing up to do a musical number. Also, this is the only Joel episode in this four-pack, so Mike fans rejoice, and Joel, well stick around anyway. The Creeping Terror is a 1964 space invasion monster movie that couldn’t be more camp if it was filmed on Crystal Lake. Highlights for this stinker include a monster that looks like a loosely bound pile of carpets eating people. Yum. Bloodlust! (yes the exclamation point is part of its official title) from 1961 about some people on a boating trip who discover a mysterious island and decide to explore it. When has that ever been a good idea in movies? Anyway, before you can say “the most dangerous game” they run into an evil doctor who just loves to hunt things. Guess what he’s going to hunt next? While using an idea that was already old hat in the 60s, this might be the best movie in the bunch. Wrapping up this 60s-licious quartet of flawed yet funny flicks is The Skydivers from 1963. It is easily the most tedious and insipid of the movies, being a dull melodrama all about people that own a tiny airport that skydivers like to use. No, the actual skydivers themselves aren’t the focus here, oh no, that would be way too exciting. Instead you get marital drama and coffee. Way too much coffee. Maybe the makers of this turd knew the audience would need plenty of that go-juice to stay away while watching this turkey? I tell you, this is one of those episodes where I feel really bad for the MST3K crew having to sit through this stinker multiple times to do what they do.

As for extras, Shout! Factory has few worth Shouting! about. There is a featurette called “The Crown Jewels” and another one that is new to this rerelease called “The Creep Behind the Cameras Q&A from Screamfest 2014 with Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff.” There is even a trailer for “The Creep Behind the Cameras.” And speaking of trailers, all four of these movies have their own.

If you missed this MST3K set the first time around, now is your chance to get it. This show is too good to let fade into the annals of time, and I can never recommend these DVDs high enough. If you already have this volume, then there’s no real reason to get it again. So consider this a conditional recommendation for that one reason alone.

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01 Killing Kiss Cover F100Telos publishing is pleased to announce that they have picked up publishing rights in Sam Stone’s popular ‘Vampire Gene’ series of novels. The series, currently standing at five novels, with a sixth currently in development, will be republished by Telos with all-new covers later in 2015, with the sixth book, JADED JEWEL, due for release in 2016. ‘Sam’s vampire novels are like a breath of fresh air,’ said Telos Publishing’s Editorial Director, David J Howe. ‘I love her characters and the worlds she builds, and they constantly surprise and amaze the reader. It’s a delight to be publishing the new volume as we know that it is eagerly awaited by her fans.’

The series mixes horror and fantasy, with a slice of science fiction as a ‘family’ of vampires explore their roots and heritage, coming up against evil and misguided forces out to destroy them. As the books progress, so the vampires learn how to fly and how to time travel, and the series shifts from high-octane adventure to dark military experimentation, whilst taking in colourful and painful memories from the past. These are serial killers driven by the need to feed, but the reader can empathise with them as they struggle against their lot to survive.

‘I love Sam’s writing and her ideas and characters just spring from the pages,’ commented Telos’ Stephen James Walker. ‘I’m delighted to be bringing these books back into print as part of Telos’ range of horror titles.’

The deal was agreed between Sam Stone and Stephen James Walker from Telos Publishing, and the titles are due to be published later in 2015, and early 2016.


Telos Publishing was formed in 2000 by David J Howe and Stephen James Walker, and since then has published novels and novellas by many authors including Christopher Fowler, Graham Masterton, Stephen Laws, Simon Clark, Paul Finch, Steve Savile, Kim Newman, Paul McAuley and Stephen Gallagher. They are also known for an extensive range of unofficial guides to film and television, including Doctor Who, Space 1999, The Rocky Horror Show, Battlestar Galactica, Tarzan and A Song For Europe.


Award winning author Sam Stone began writing aged 11 after reading her first adult fiction book, The Collector by John Fowles. Her love of horror fiction began soon afterwards when she stayed up late one night with her sister to watch Christopher Lee in the classic Hammer film, Dracula. Since then she’s been a huge fan of vampire movies and novels old and new.
Sam’s writing has appeared in many anthologies for poetry and prose. Her first novel was the fulfilment of a lifelong dream. Like all good authors she drew on her own knowledge and passions to write it. The novel won the Silver Award for Best Horror Novel in ForeWord Magazine’s book of the year awards in 2007.
In September 2008 the novel was re-edited and republished by The House of Murky Depths as Killing Kiss. The sequels, Futile Flame and Demon Dance went on to become finalists in the same awards for 2009/2010. Both novels were later Shortlisted for The British Fantasy Society Awards for Best Novel and Demon Dance won the award for Best Novel in 2011. Sam also won Best Short Fiction for her story Fool’s Gold which first appeared in the NewCon Press Anthology The Bitten Word. There have been two further vampire novels, Hateful Heart and Silent Sand, and a sixth, Jaded Jewel is in preparation.
Rights in Killing Kiss were bought by Verlag Bucheinband lnes Neumann in March 2013 for translation into German. The novel, Todeskuss, was launched in December 2013. Since then Sam has sold an original novella, The Darkness Within to AudioGo for Audio and Ebook. She was also commissioned by Telos to write a sequel to her hugely successful Steampunk Novella Zombies at Tiffany’s and her much loved heroine, Kat Lightfoot, returned to the printed page in Kat on a Hot Tin Airship and this has been followed by What’s Dead Pussykat and Kat of Green Tentacles. The audio rights to Zombies At Tiffany’s were bought by Spokenworld Audio and made available for download for Halloween 2013.
An eclectic and skilled prose writer Sam also has a BA (Hons) in English and Writing for Performance and an MA in Creative Writing, which means that she is frequently invited to talk about writing in schools, colleges and universities in the UK. She is said to be an ‘inspirational’ speaker.

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cute-things-dying-violentlyCute Things Dying Violently is all about saving a bunch of hapless Critters. Launch them around to get them safely out of each level. Dodge lethal spikes, buzzsaws, fire, and hateful robots. And, if a few dozen (or hundred) of them get turned into charred, smoking husks in your attempt to save them… there’s the old saying about omelettes and breaking eggs. Broken, bloody eggs.

In case the game’s 48 levels aren’t enough for you, ApathyWorks will be releasing new challenge levels, a “Level of the Week”, and other additional content on a regular basis, all for free.

With Steam Workshop and the integrated Level Editor, you can create, share, and download new levels as well as custom Critter designs. As an added bonus, the Steam edition also comes with a free copy of Cute Things Dying Violently for Android.

– 48 hazard-strewn levels.
– Free, downloadable Level of the Week.
– Built-in Level Editor to make your own stages.
– (PC only) Steam Workshop to share levels and Critter designs.
– (PC only) Free copy of the Android edition with purchase.



Google Play

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edf0f09c-7e65-4613-a71c-1a8c6c96fb7eWild Eye Releasing has announced the September 29th DVD and VOD release of Queen Crab.  The latest film from cult auteur Brett Piper (They Bite, The Screaming Dead, Raiders of the Living Dead) Queen Crab is a loving, action-packed tribute to the classic days of practical stop-motion animation, evoking the days of Ray Harryhausen creature features.


A meteor crashes into a quiet lake in the remote countryside, awakening a centuries-old beast.  She emerges from the deep and tears through a nearby town and its inhabitants.  The humans must fight for their lives and stop this Queen Crab before she can hatch an army of babies that will overrun the entire world.


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