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Meet Anthony Stone one of the best detective’s that New York City has ever seen. He lives by the motto shoot first and ask questions never. Stone’s life changes when his lieutenant assigns him to a bank robbery case. His job is to take down four ruthless and vicious bank robbers who will do anything to stay alive and more importantly stay out of jail. The leader of the bank robber’s is a man that goes by the name Ghost. When it comes to money Ghost and his team will do anything it takes to get it, even if that means taking innocent lives. Ghost’s one weakness is his little sister Dana. Dana is a beautiful young lady that always seems to attract the wrong type of guy. But when she finds Mr. Right and refuses to leave him no matter what anyone says including her brother Ghost things take a turn for the worst. Join Anthony Stone as he goes deep into the underworld to track down a crew of the most violent and deadliest bank robbers.


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Glass Eyes

by Catherine Bader


A new neighbor next door.  Need to go introduce myself. Bring a small gift.

Holding a pretty fruit basket, I knocked. Suddenly remembered that my cat, Kitty, was outside. I’ll get him on the way home.

Opening the door with eyes cold and glassy looking.  Immediately brightening with a smile.

A nice lady. Talked my head off.

But she sure didn’t like men none.  Filthy creatures they were.

Don’t leave yet. I’ll get you a tasty bit from my oven. She carried a delightfully smelling dish.

You did tell me you had a male cat, right?


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Film Festival Hit

President Wolfman

Available Now on DVD

New York, NY – Wild Eye Releasing has announced that Mike Davis’ President Wolfman is now available to own on DVD following a wildly successful festival run.  Since its premiere at the Sydney Underground Film Festival, President Wolfman has been a favorite of audiences and critics alike, with the Huffington Post applauding the filmmakers for delivering “a candidate both parties can get behind.”  President Wolfman has won awards around the country, taking home Best Script at the New Orleans Horror Film Festival and Best Feature at both the Aliens to Zombies Film Festival and Atlanta Horror Film Festival.

Meet John Wolfman: politician, single parent and werewolf, a man whose (hairy) hands are definitely full. Not only is he trying to stop his opponents from selling the US to China, he also has to solve a series of grizzly murders in the capitol. Add a crazed mad scientist, Smokey the Bear, a Miss Teen beauty pageant and a race against time to save his eight-year-old son Bobby from a murderous Vice President, and you have a movie that will keep you howling from start to finish.

Hailed as “perfect for fans of campy horror” by The Washington Post, President Wolfman was made entirely from recycled, stock and public domain footage with a newly scripted, scored and re-voiced soundtrack with enhanced visuals and effects.

The DVD release of President Wolfman (SRP $14.95) exclusively includes several short films from director Mike Davis, outtakes, a music video and a highlight reel of the production.

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Raising Pumpkins

By Terrie Leigh Relf

We tried crop after crop until attempting pumpkins. It was a disaster! Their tendrils and leaves, the first fragile blossoms, turned to mush and stank worse than rotted eggs.

What with Halloween being a mere four months away, and our farm subsidy about to end, we called in a much-needed consultant. She checked our soil and water supply before finalizing her report.

I paid her exorbitant bill with gratitude, determined to save our farm.

I walked her to the door, leaving my husband in the living room. She pressed a packet into my hands, whispered, “You know what to do.”


For more from Terrie Leigh Relf: http://tlrelf.wordpress.com/

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Edited by
Robin Ince and Johnny Mains
PUBLICATION: 7th November 2014 (Salt Publishing)
This Christmas, the world turns on its head.  What happens when the light gives way to the dark? When mirth turns to murder? When the howls are not from joy?  Dead Funny is the first ever collection of horror stories written exclusively by some of Britain’s best comedians. Only now, you’re not laughing. Ho, ho ,ho….
Award-winning comedian Robin Ince (The Infinite Monkey Cage) teamed up with award-winning horror editor Johnny Mains (The Best British Horror 2014) to find out whether comedy and terror do, as is believed, make the most comfortable bedfellows. The stellar line up of contributors includes: 
REECE SHEARSMITH (League of Gentlemen) 
MATTHEW HOLNESS (Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace)

ROBIN INCE (The Infinite Monkey Cage)
SARA PASCOE (Live at the Apollo)
KATY BRAND (Katy Brand’s Big Ass Show)
MITCH BENN (The Now Show)
AL MURRAY (The Pub Landlord)
PHIL JUPITUS (Nevermind the Buzzcocks)
STEWART LEE (Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle
TIM KEY (Alan Partridge: Mid-Morning Matters)
RUFUS HOUND (Mock the Week)
MICHAEL LEGGE (The Alternative Comedy Experience)

**DEAD FUNNY: LAUNCH EVENT, Sunday 2nd November 2014, Bloomsbury Theatre**

An (almost) Halloween Night of horror and comedy.To tie in with the publication of a new anthology of horror stories by comedians, an evening of stand up, music, readings and maybe the return of some killer crabs.

With Charlie Higson, Stewart Lee, Josie Long, Steve Pretty, Joanna Neary, Johnny Mains, Robin Ince and a host of guests to be named.

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8392297aa1025341b9d2b1e1875ae900August 28, 2014

In June the film “CRAWL OR DIE” was released in Japan under the title “ALIEN CRAWL.” It was quickly labeled by critics as “The most CLAUSTROPHOBIC movie ever made!”

This month Uncork’d Entertainment and Vertical Entertainment have released CRAWL OR DIE in the USA and CANADA and viewers can decide if JAPAN was correct.

Plot: Earth as we know it is gone. A virus has destroyed the planet and rendered all its women infertile, all but one. An elite team of soldiers are tasked with bringing the woman to safety on the newly habitable Earth Two. But when they are forced underground they find themselves fighting for survival from an bloodthirsty creature in a maze of ever shrinking tunnels. As the team’s ranks start to dwindle, the tunnels shrink and the ammunition run out, the crawl for survival becomes more and more desperate.

CRAWL OR DIE is a full length feature film written and directed by Oklahoma Ward. The movie stars Nicole Alonso, Torey Byrne, Tom Chamberlain, David P. Baker, Wil Crown, Tommy Ball, Clayton Burgess.

Watch the trailer here:

Website: www.CRAWLorDIEtrilogy.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CRAWLorDIEtrilogy
Twitter: www.twitter.com/EXTREMEINDIE

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Opt Out

by Catherine Bader


She was SICK of her job. She wanted to opt out of Corporate Life.

She stared at the old dilapidated house – buckled, faded, peeling. The aura sucked her in as she walked towards the crooked front door.

She dreamed of being a famous painter catching all the nuances of this peculiar, ugly house. Make lots of money – get out of the daily crappy routine.

Smiling to herself, she pushed open the door and stepped in…

Falling through empty space…

She landed somewhere. Her leg broken.  A whispery, slavering voice assailed her.

Opt out? Opt out?         Opt Out.



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