ImageProxy.mvcThis November legendary Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling novelist Christopher Golden and Dark Horse Comics will unleash the first ever comic book appearance of their character Joe Golem from their novel Joe Golem and the Drowning City. A five issue Joe Golem: Occult Detective mini-series will be co-written by frequent collaborators Mignola and Golden, with art by Patric Reynolds (Serenity), colors by award winning colorist Dave Stewart and covers by Spectrum Award-winning painter Dave Palumbo. The new series takes place prior to the events of the illustrated novel Joe Golem and the Drowning City. Set forty years after an earthquake leaves Lower Manhattan partly submerged under 30 feet of water, Joe Golem must hunt a horrifying creature that is pulling children into the depths of the city’s canals.

“For years now, since we first saw Baltimore work as a comic, Chris and I have talked about doing comic book sequels and prequels to Joe Golem,” said Mike Mignola. “But, as always, we needed to find just the right artist and when I saw Patric Reynolds’ recent work on an Alien comic I knew he could pull off the world we created in the novel and capture the mood we were looking for. When you find the right artist for something you don’t want to let him get away.”

Like their collaboration on the Baltimore graphic novels, the events of Joe Golem take place outside of the “Mignolaverse”, the strange, shared universe inhabited by Hellboy, BPRD, Abe Sapien, and Frankenstein Underground. The horror of Joe Golem is distinctly urban; the series offers a haunting dystopian mid-twentieth century New York.

Joe Golem is full of pulpy goodness, weird alternate history, monsters, and magic and it’s full of insanity you’re not going to find anywhere else.” said Golden. “We’re telling the story of Joe Golem: Occult Detective, solving mysteries in the flooded streets of mid-20th century lower Manhattan with the ancient Simon Church, who’s keeping himself alive with magic and machinery at the same time he’s keeping Joe in the dark about his own origins. We want to immerse you in Joe’s world, what life is like in the Drowning City, and with issue one, we dive right in.”

Mignola and Golden are currently writing BALTIMORE: THE CULT OF THE RED KING, with art by award winning children’s book illustrator Peter Bergting, colors by the award winning Dave Stewart and stunning covers by Ben Stenbeck (FRANKENSTEIN UNDERGROUND). Golden’s most recent novel, TIN MEN, was published by Ballantine Books earlier this month.

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VampiFeary01-Cov-AnacletoDynamite Entertainment and digital comics studio Visionborne have partnered to produce a special edition release of Vampirella: Feary Tales. The series is featured on the Visionbooks platform in a new format that showcases movement and visual effects in every panel of the comic book.

Vampirella: Feary Tales celebrates Vampirella’s 45th Anniversary with five issues of twisted tales, bizarre bedtime stories, and fearsome fables in the tradition of the original Warren magazines, each featuring everyone’s favorite sexy, kick-ass vampire-turned-monster hunter.

In Feary Tales, Nancy A. Collins, the bestselling author renowned for her horror fiction in comics (Swamp Thing) and novels (Sunglasses After Dark, VAMPS), assembled a team of today’s most accomplished writers to contribute “twisted tales, bizarre bedtime stories, and fearsome fables” in the tradition of the classic Warren Vampirella magazine publications. The anthology is held together by a unique, cohesive framework which grants freedom of creative storytelling for contributing talents Gail Simone, Stephen R. Bissette, Elmo Eklabuz, Ronilson Freire, Devin Grayson, Jack Jadson, Joe R. Lansdale, Elaine Lee, Stuart Moore, Steve Niles, John Shirley, Denis St. John, and Eric Trautmann.

Download the first issue of the series for free on the Visionbooks app (on the web:,, on iPad, and on Google Play) or as a single app on your tablet under the name Vampirella: Feary Tales #1 (on iPad and on Google Play).
Visionbooks revolutionizes comic book reading by transforming two-dimensional comic books into a 3D digital animation experience. By combining traditional comics with cutting-edge technology, Visionbooks creates a reading experience with special effects enhancements you would normally expect from blockbuster movies.
“It’s been really cool to see Vampirella come to life with Visionbooks’ technology,” says Dynamite Director of Business Development Rich Young. “We are excited to be working with them and think fans of the character will enjoy these comics.”
“With our technology, we wanted to bring something new, engaging and dynamic to the world of comics. Thanks to our collaboration with Dynamite we can push the envelope even further in bringing to life one of the most iconic characters in the comic universe: Vampirella” remarks Visionbooks co-founder, Simone Offredo.

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FOX has set the fall premiere dates for its new and returning series

CEuv-_UWEAAoZRg.jpg-large-360x200Award-winning executive producers Ryan Murphy (“Glee,” “American Horror Story”), Brad Falchuk (“Glee,” “American Horror Story”) and Ian Brennan (“Glee”) meld comedy, mystery and horror in SCREAM QUEENS, which debuts with a special, two-hour series premiere event on Tuesday, Sept. 22 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT). All hell is about to break loose on the Wallace University campus when, exactly 20 years after a mysterious tragedy, a devil-clad killer begins to target the sisters of Kappa House. The super-charged anthology series is a modern take on the classic whodunit with a killer cast, including Emma Roberts (“American Horror Story: Freak Show,” “Scream 4”), Jamie Lee Curtis (“Halloween,” “A Fish Called Wanda,” “True Lies”), Lea Michele (“Glee”), Abigail Breslin (“Little Miss Sunshine”), Oliver Hudson (“Nashville,” “Rules of Engagement”), Keke Palmer (“Akeela and the Bee,” “Masters of Sex”), Nick Jonas (“Kingdom”) and pop superstar and actress Ariana Grande, among others. With at least one casualty each week until the mystery is solved, anyone could be the next victim – or the murderer. On Tuesday, Sept. 29 the series will make its time period premiere (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT).

sleepy-hollow-season-2-spoilersSLEEPY HOLLOW returns after a disquieting break in the demonic action, as our heroes – ICHABOD CRANE (Tom Mison) and ABBIE MILLS (Nicole Beharie) – adjust to a world seemingly without Moloch, witchy wives, evil sons and headless ex-best friends. However, nothing is ever quite as it seems, and the eerie calm will quickly give way to the next tribulation, driven by a surprising supernatural presence that will challenge Crane and Mills in ways they never imagined.

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featured__SDCC_default_banner-700x352WHO: Join Anchor Bay Entertainment at Comic-Con for exclusive photo opportunities and limited edition giveaways.

WHAT: Anchor Bay Entertainment, a leader in home entertainment, is celebrating its 20th anniversary! Stop by Booth 4536 to take pictures with a customized walker from AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and the skull helmet from Northmen – A Viking Saga.

Attendees will have a chance to win a limited edition “The Walking Dead” guitar from Artist Series Guitar. Additional swag giveaway items that will be available to con-goers include “The Walking Dead” / “Black Sails” bags, “Aquarius” buttons, It Follows mini posters and A LEGO Brickumentary buttons! As an added bonus, in honor of the 20th Anniversary, there will be multiple chances to win various DVDs from the Anchor Bay catalog.

Additionally, photo ops will be available with themed items and backdrops from Michael Bay’s “Black Sails,” a STARZ Original series that centers on the tales of Captain Flint 20 years prior to Stevenson’s classic novel Treasure Island.

San Diego Convention Center
111 West Harbor Dr. (Booth 4536)
San Diego, CA 92101

July 9-12, 2015

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where-spiders-fear-to-spinWhere Spiders Fear to Spin
Peter N. Dudar
Books & Boos Press (Hebron CT)
Reviewed by Michael R. Collings

Peter N. Dudar’s novella, Where Spiders Fear to Spin—in this volume coupled with a highly effective short story, “Peripheral Vision”—offers intriguing insights on life, death, and the often permeable boundary between them; on love and hate and the difficulty in distinguishing them; on loss and grief and the ways they can distort human perceptions and emotions; and most of all, on ghosts. Both the novella and the story are quintessential ghost stories, but readers would do well not to expect traditional wispy, moaning, transparently ectoplasmic presences, because in these tales, ghosts can kill.

Where Spiders Fear to Spin has as principle characters four individuals tied by bonds of love and hate and fear: Sadie Mills, an aging soap-opera star now dying slowly and painfully, who had been fully as promiscuous as the wealthy woman she portrayed on Forbidden Steam; Theresa Mills, her daughter, who, as she approaches an unfulfilled mid-life, is torn between hatred for the woman she now must nurse and love for the memory of her dead father; Andy Mills, twenty years dead and now returned as a grotesque, monstrous ghost dedicated to revenge; and… a spider, patiently spinning her complex web in the rafters of the sickroom.

Lest anyone be tempted to conjure images of Charlotte’s Web (as the characters in fact do), this spider is a creature driven by instinct and dread, concerned solely with her survival and that of the eggs she carries within her. Initially, she seems almost peripheral to the central story, but in Dudar’s adept hands, she becomes an instrument of retribution in a most startling and appropriate way—in essence, a symbolic and literal force for justice and balance.

From the utter nastiness of the opening scene between Sadie of the Soaps and her bitter, vindictive daughter, to the final glimpse of Sadie entering a Hell beyond her worst imagining, Dudar tests the limits of family, depicting two utterly self-centered women whose lives focus more on the dead than on the living. Sadie is obsessed with her dead career; and Theresa, with her dead father, killed in car wreck. The women quarrel incessantly, about everything, each trying to score a point on the other. When Andy’s ghost appears, mother and daughter must confront realities rather than dreams—and the process nearly destroys them both.

“Peripheral Vision” amplifies on the themes of obsessive love and obsessive guilt as Theodore Danvers begins seeing the ghost of his dead son…but in this story indirectly, a momentary blur in the corner of his eye. He relates his haunting to Sister Margaret Willis, a church bereavement councilor; and readers immediately become enmeshed in the growth of his self-reproach, his isolation, and ultimately his self-destructive madness. It is a powerful story, to be sure, but not a pretty one.

The novella and the accompanying short story can be read in a single sitting, which intensifies the incremental tensions as Dudar raises questions of whether mutual understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness are possible, for either the living or the dead. His ghosts are real, his supernatural intrusions treated matter-of-factly; even the nameless spider perceives Andy’s ghostly presence and is terrified by it. This method of treatment gives both Where Spiders Fear to Spin and “Peripheral Vision” a kind of hardness, an oddly fitting definiteness, a sense of the uncompromising nature of the dead who can reach from the Beyond and force their wills upon mortals.

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the-redwood-massacreOne of the most anticipated fright flicks of 2015 comes to DVD and VOD July 7 from Uncork’d Entertainment. David Ryan Keith’s REDWOOD MASSACRE “epitomizes the 80’s slasher and just adds a dollop more of the red stuff into the mix making it better than the 80’s!*”.

Starring Mark Noel (TVs Trinity), Lisa Cameron (My Brother’s Keeper), Lisa Livingstone (TVs Holby City), Rebecca Wilkie (Legion of Evil), and Alec Westwood (TVs Roughnecks), the “chilling” film chronicles the horrific outcome of a group of friends who visit a legendary murder site, Redwood House. What happens next will chill you to the bone.

Official Synopsis: For five adventurous friends, visiting the legendary murder site of the Redwood House has all the hallmarks of being an exciting and thrilling camping weekend away. A popular site for revellers and party goers, each year on the exact date of the famous local family massacre, people from around the country head out to the site to have fun and scare each other. Events take a bloody turn for the worse when the innocent campers discover the Redwood legend is in fact a horrible bloody reality, which turns the unsuspecting victims into prey for a mysterious axe wielding maniac that has remained dormant for 20 years.

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91UtV7C2QxL._SL1500_Fifteen-year-old Alex is a “spinner.” His friends are “dummies.” Two clandestine groups of humans want his power. And an ancient evil is stalking him. If people weren’t being murdered, Alex might have a laugh at how his life turned into a horror movie overnight.

In a wheelchair since birth, his freakish ability has gotten him kicked out of ten foster homes since the age of four. Now saddled with a sadistic housemother who uses his spinning to heal the kids she physically abuses, Alex and his misfit group of learning disabled classmates are the only ones who can solve the mystery of his birth before more people meet a gruesome end.

They need to find out who murdered their beloved teacher, and why the hot young substitute acts like she’s flirting with them. Then there’s the mysterious medallion that seems to have unleashed something malevolent, and an ancient prophecy suggesting Alex has the power to destroy the human race.

The boys break into homes, dig up graves, elude kidnappers, fight for their lives against feral cats, and ultimately confront an evil as old as humanity. Friendships are tested, secrets uncovered, love spoken and destiny revealed.

The kid who’s always been a loner will finally learn the value of friends, family and loyalty.

If he survives.

Pre-order here!

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