Love Venom? Love that Sony is making potentially R-Rated Marvel movies with the first movie being based on everyone’s favorite symbiote? Now you can pick up a few awesome shirts or hoodies from the Venom Collection from Film Jackets!

You can’t be a true anti-hero fan unless you have this awesome We Are Venom 2018 Shirt wore by Tom Hardy. The soft cotton tee features a front logo of the popular symbiote villain and “We Are Venom” printed text on the backside.

This one is available as both a T-Shirt and a hoodie! There are a variety of other options as well here from the cotton jacket that you see Eddie Brock sporting in the trailers as well as a leather jacket inspired by the classic Venom logo.

Love the outline of Venom’s eyes more than the full-on symbiote itself? This T-shirt is sure to have you covered!

If you aren’t looking for the classic Venom face from the comics though you might want to snag something more in line with the upcoming film like this new hoodie they’re stocking:

‘Venom’ is slithering into your local movie theater on October 5th, 2018 so be sure to order your official Venom-Wear soon to dress in for the movie!

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