Ellen DatlowSince 2008, Tor.com has been a leading market for science fiction and fantasy short fiction. Several of their stories have been Hugo and Nebula finalists, Charlie Jane Anders’ “Six Months, Three Days” won the Hugo Award for Best Novelette in 2012 and Kij Johnson’s “Ponies” won the Nebula in 2011. Since the beginning, much of their fiction has been acquired and edited by Patrick Nielsen Hayden. In 2010, Liz Gorinsky began buying and editing for the site, and earlier this year, Ann VanderMeer also joined the team.

Now, Tor.com is pleased to announce that Ellen Datlow is joining them as a Consulting Fiction Editor. Ellen has had an impressive career in the field, having edited fiction at Omni from 1981-1998. She’s also edited The Years Best Fantasy and Horror from 1988-2008 and is responsible for Night Shade’s The Best Horror of the Year anthologies. Ellen was won numerous awards for her editorial achievements including the Hugo, three Bram Stoker Awards, and nine World Fantasy Awards. She’s been the co-host of the Fantastic Fiction series at the KGB bar since the year 2000.

Tor.com is very excited to welcome Ellen aboard the rocket and can’t wait to see what stories she will bring to the team.

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