With the scariest time of the year almost upon us, it’s the perfect time to get in a spot of spooky sightseeing. The UK is filled with terrifying tales of ghosts, spectors and hauntings. From the tip of Scotland to the southern counties, there are plenty of gruesome stories to discover.

It’s common to chase a thrill at this time of year, but for fans of the supernatural, exploring the locations where unexplained phenomena have been sighted can be a year round hobby. Many of the ghosts have a story, linked often to tragic and unpleasant circumstances. The history surrounding them can be fascinating too.

Take, for example, the tale of Chillingham Castle in Northumberland. Sitting near the border between England and Scotland, the now peaceful setting was once full of turmoil as the two warring kingdoms fought each other. Originally a monastery, it became a military outpost for King Edward I, who reigned from 1238 – 1307, as he waged war against the Scottish, led by William Wallace. A place of such turbulence can surely be expected to have more than a couple of lurking spirits.

Or perhaps you’d prefer the unnerving corridors of a Victorian building to the imposing walls of a castle? Newsham Park Hospital in Liverpool began life as an orphanage during a time when punishments were harsh and cruel. It’s now abandoned but has been described as a “very active site”, with sinister, long winding staircases and dark corridors. One of the wards reportedly had an iron staircase that led to a corridor with lines of cupboards, where children were locked away if they were naughty. Staff who worked at the hospital in its more recent years would be terrified of going to that part of the hospital as they could hear banging from the cupboards.

If this has to whet your appetite for some ghostly goings on, then Protection Supplies have put together a map and handy list of all the top places for budding ghost hunters. Just remember to pack your camera. And perhaps wear your running shoes too!

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