Circe Tarot
Fabio Visintin
Lo Scarabeo (November 2023)
Reviewed by N. Richards

The long awaited “CIRCE TAROT” is here at last! I have longed for this one , I have longed for a Tarot deck that works with the ancient Greek journey of magic for some time. Circe is the perfect point to begin, Circe is the first character within the Homeric tales who we can relate to as a sorceress, mage, witch, healer and alchemist. In many ways the forerunner for future archetypes, she is also the outsider and the heroine of her own journey while changing the fates of and witnessing the hero`s journey of the other figures within the tales.

Translated from Italian, the booklet and card meanings are written by Pierre Luigi Serra, an author of renown in the fields of occult and esoteric literature.

The 63 page booklet accompanies the 78 cards; the 22 major Arcana cards are represented by the 22 fellow travellers of Odysseus who come to Circe`s island and encounter a number of, shall I call them, transformative encounters with Circe. (I wouldn`t want to spoil the story if you are not familiar with it.)

The rest of the cards take as on a voyage around Aegean seas to encounter stories and myths, of the wonderful figures that we have come to know such as the much loved Jason and the quest for the golden fleece, Paris and the Trojan War, and many many more, as well as the rich pantheon of Deities , Zeus & Hera and literally all the relatives.

The wonder of Greek mythology is brought vividly and stunningly to life by the illustrations of Fabio Visintin, who uses a rich pigmented palette of every hue to the work . The cards are border less which works very well and have a matte finish.

Fans of Greek mythology or those that are curious will love this fantastic Odyssey of Tarot magic! Suitable for beginners to adepts.

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