Author Ashley Fontainne has released Zero Balance, which is book 2 in the Eviscerating the Snake Series and the sequel to Accountable to None.

In Accountable to None, Fontainne showed us the bitter sweetness of revenge. She showed us how some injustices in this world can have repercussions and the person wronged can have their retribution. Zero Balance picks up nine months later.

The revenge was sweet, but suddenly the nightmares are back, and all the negative publicity has caused the accounting firm to take a nose dive. Olin Kemper has sat in jail these last nine months. His trial is just a couple of weeks away and people that can testify against him are missing and some turning up dead. She thought the nightmare was over-but it has just begun.

Ashley Fontainne, author of Suspense/Thrillers, grew up as an only child, reading became a haven for her at a very early age, starting with the Nancy Drew mystery novels, and grew to an obsession with thrillers and mysteries. A huge fan of classical literature, Ashley’s inspiration for her Eviscerating the Snake series came from the classic tale “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexander Dumas. Her debut novel, Accountable to None, was written as homage to Dumas’ work. The second novel, Zero Balance, showcases the high price that a seeker of revenge must pay in order to obtain vengeance. The third and final installment, Adjusting Journal Entry, is still in draft.

Released by World Castle Publishing, the second book in the series is available in a digital format from Amazon here: Zero Balance

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