According to the website Shock Till You DropYoutube launched a new subscription movie channel called Screampix.  The new channel has over 200 hours of content, and will include movies, trailers, and interviews.  All movies are available now in the U.S. and Canada, and the service will expand to six more countries in the near future.  Categories of movies include Students Making Bad Decisions, Critical Acclaim, Zombiepalooza, Small Town Horror, Tiny Little Killers, Crazy Killers, Women on a Rampage, and Very Bad Clowns.

Daniel March, co-founder of Screampix (and formerly the President of International for Echo Bridge Entertainment) said: “Screampix is more than a movie channel. We are creating a vertical video portal to satiate horror fans by taking subscribers deeper into the genre, offering advanced levels of curation, encouraging interaction around the movies, and ultimately creating a very active and lively community.

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