Kevin Akstin’s novel, You Know Who I Am, can use a little love.

Description: An unnamed man, in an unnamed city, knows something horrendous is happening. Through the warped sliver of twilight between dreams and waking he chases a killer who may or may not exist. His circular journey will force him to reckon with both his traumatic past and his nightmarish present. In a world where identities change and merge with the logic of a dream, and the murky faces seen through rain and fog may not be human at all, there are no entrances and no exits – only an inevitable progression toward the terrifying truth.

You Know Who I Am uses the framework of a horror story to explore issues of identity and perception, in particular the individual’s capacity for dissociation and self-delusion,” says Akstin. “A nightmarish fantasy serves to conceal an even more frightening reality which the nameless protagonist, in his own mind, cannot accept – but in the end he must. The protagonist’s looming guilt and paranoia are reminiscent of the works of Franz Kafka, in particular The Trial and The Judgment, while the horrific dreamworld he cannot escape recalls such films as Eraserhead, Jacob’s Ladder, and The Machinist.”

You can pick it up at a great price: You Know Who I Am

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