World Zombie Day has gone viral, infecting 52 cities in the US, Canada, Central America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

The number of cities signing on has far exceeded our expectations,” says organizer Mark Menold, who is also producer and host of the Pittsburgh-based television program The It’s Alive Show. “The response is overwhelming. We’re going to bring in substantial food donations as well as set another world record.”

Pittsburgh owns the current Guinness World Record. for largest zombie gathering of 1,028 people set last year. “This year, we are going to add all of the zombies from each city to come up with one monstrous total so that everyone can say they were part of a world record,” says Menold.

World Zombie Day, being held on Sunday, October 26, features zombie walks with accompanying food drives in participating cities. The hub of World Zombie Day will be a walk at the Monroeville Mall with a food drive benefiting the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. The Mall walk, which is part of the 2008 Zombie Fest, is at the site where George Romero zombie movie Dawn of the Dead was filmed. Zombie Fest is a free, all ages public fan festival celebrating the 30th anniversary of Dawn and all things zombie and will feature vendors, author panels with award winning writers, films, celebrity guests, bands, entertainment and interactive fan activities.

Besides the fun part of dressing up like a zombie, participants in all cities are encouraged to bring a non-perishable food donation to benefit their local food relief agency. Menold expects tons of food contributions to be generated by World Zombie Day – “Zombies may eat brains but they do have hearts.”

For more information visit: World Zombie Day

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