JournalStone has just released the digital edition of Women Scorned by Angela Alsaleem for only $2.99. The paperback edition is only $8 at

Description: After Camilla is murdered, an ancient spirit possesses her, to use her body as its tool of vengeance. Tortured by visions of murdered women, she is thrust into a world of terror as she seeks a way to rid herself of the nightmare she has become. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Camilla learns this first hand on her journey through death and back again. Revenge isn’t always sweet and its bitterness lingers in the soul forever.

About the Author: Angela Alsaleem resides in Gridley, California with her wonderful and super supportive husband, her beautiful daughter, and two happy dogs.

By day, she works as a Documents Administrator for a pension firm. By night, she writes dark speculative fiction. Angela Alsaleem is the author of Sanitarium, released in March, 2011. She’s had over 20 stories published in the last few years and looks forward to many more.

You can pick up the Kindle edition here: Women Scorned Kindle

You can pick up the paperback edition here: Women Scorned Paperback

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