What Scares The Boogeyman?To celebrate the release of the new book, What Scares the Boogeyman (published by Perseid Press) they’re throwing a Facebook event – Boogeyman Bloody Bits and Broth Beach Blanket Bingo. This is an 18+ event, where they will have pant loads of fun and scary times! There will be contests, things to do, people to chat with, ideas to exchange and possibly even a monster or two! Come one, come all, be a part of the emergence of this gaggle of great writers … and What Scares the Boogeyman! Saturday, February 9, 2013, 6:00pm in EST.

7PM – Guest: Joseph Eastwood

8PM – Guest: Gary Stillman

9PM – Janet Morris Judges the contest

10PM – Guest: Patti Larsen

Description: A creature or being out of mankind’s most ancient mythos. A concept that combines all of the unconscious fears that have haunted our species since its very beginnings. How would this nightmare manifest in our own day and age? And more importantly, what would IT be frightened of? The terrifying answers to these and many more creepy questions can be found in John Manning’s chilling anthology, What Scares The Boogey Man? An anthology of dark stories from writers in four countries that addresses the question of what DOES scare the Boogeyman.

There are 19 stories by authors from around the world, many of whom are widely known: Janet Morris; Nancy Asire; David Conyers; Robert M. Price; J.D. Fritz; Jason Cordova; Thomas Barczak; C. Dean Andersson; Beverly Hale; Chris Morris; Michael H. Hanson; Larry Atchley, Jr.; Richard Groller; Bill Snider; Wayne Borean; John Manning; Bettina Meister; Shirley Meier.

Edited by John Manning with Meghan Graham and Stormy Stogner-Medina

You can pick this one up on Amazon here: What Scares the Boogeyman

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