Recently, the horror genre has been inundated with remakes and revamped stories that we’ve seen a hundred times before. Uncanny Entertainment based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico has set out to challenge this trend. Their new horror web series, The Scare Game [see our previous posts], follows a group of horror enthusiasts who have to question their own fandom when they are thrust into a real horror situation.

Premiering on and, the third episode is now up and running.

The Scare Game is shot entirely in New Mexico under the production company Uncanny Entertainment. Headed up by the couple team Phillip Hughes and Jenn Daugherty they hope to deliver the best possible entertainment.

The Scare Game cast consists of the main ensemble of Scott Bryan (Vince), Jason Witter (The Major), Jenn Daugherty (Babs), Ryan Jason Cook (Martin), and Hannah Kauffmann (DeeDee).

Catch the current episode: The Scare Game

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