You might be asking yourself “What exactly is a SPINATURE, and what do they do?” SPINATURES are small, colorful, and fun turntable accessory toys that mount to the spindle of your turntable. They spin along while you enjoy your favorite records! They are lightweight, balanced, and will never harm or affect the playback or functionality of your records. Don’t own a turntable? No problem! They are happy to chill out on your desk, your bookshelf, car dashboard… really anywhere!

These new and one-of-a-kind toys feature all of your favorite characters from pop culture, horror, comics, superheroes, cartoons, and more. We are thrilled to release our first SPINATURE, Imposter Jason (Roy Burns!), in stunning solid blue, designed and manufactured by our dear friends at RETROBAND.  Be on the lookout for fully painted, multi-color, swirled colored, and glow-in-the-dark SPINATURES very soon!

The official launch of SPINATURES will take place at the 2018 New York Comic Con, October 4 – 7!

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