Josiah Miles Pitchforth’s debut novel, Under The Bed, is now available through in paperback.

Description: It’s where you sleep. It’s where you dream. And beneath it all is a destination you will never forget! For Dan and Theresa, what starts out as a troubling encounter with the supernatural turns into a journey that will unlock the secrets of sex, love, and humanity in this shocking debut novel from Maine author Josiah Miles Pitchforth.

“In true spirit of the genre, while writing Under the Bed,” says Pitchforth, “my initial premise experienced a transmutation of sorts. What started out as the bleak inquiry as to whether or not our childhood fears were any real match for the maturity of the adult self, became a vast philosophical exploration into the simple pleasures man takes for granted. Getting there, without an editor, was an arduous but ultimately fruitful journey. I am proud to hoist this raw, fetal membrane of fantasy onto the world and graciously thank those who would support self-published authors. You, me, & Hellnotes … we’re the last guns standing in a world obsessed with sexy vampires.”

You can order the novel directly from Amazon here: Under The Bed

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