Uncommon AssassinsA quick heads up on this one, Smart Rhino Publications is planning on publishing Uncommon Assassins, a thriller/suspense anthology, this September. The book already has quite a lineup:

  • Stephen England “Nightshade”
  • J. Gregory Smith “The Pepper Tyrant”
  • Lisa Mannetti “Everybody Wins”
  • Ken Goldman “Fat Larry’s Night With the Alligators”
  • Christine Morgan “Thyf’s Tale”
  • Matt Hilton “Misconceptions”
  • Billie Sue Mosiman “Second Amendment Solution”
  • Ken Bruen “Killer”
  • Rob M. Miller “For the Love of Boys”
  • Monica O’Rourke “Bloodshed Fred”
  • F. Paul Wilson “Slasher”
  • Joseph Badal “Fire & Ice”
  • Doug Blakeslee “Madame”
  • Elliott Capon “The Man Who Shot Hitler”
  • Laura DiSilverio “Mercy Killing”
  • Michael Bailey “Scrub”
  • James Dorr “The Wellmaster’s Daughter”
  • Jonathan Templar “Wish I’d Never Met You”
  • J. Carson Black “The Bluelight Special”
  • Weldon Burge “Welcome to the Food Chain”
  • Al Boudreau “Inside Out”
  • Charles Colyott “Katakiuchi”
  • Lynn Mann “Taking Care of Business”

Smart Rhino Publications is a young publishing firm based in Delaware, with a current leaning toward (but not limited to) horror and suspense fiction. Their goal is to provide a venue for new as well as veteran writers, with the ultimate goal of entertaining and informing their readers.

We’ll have more information as the publication date approaches.

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