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Open Call for Novel Submissions

Uncanny Books is a new, small-press publisher that focuses on publishing quality genre fiction: science fiction, fantasy, and horror in particular.  We are interested in creating shared worlds that you and other authors can contribute to.  We are looking for fun, fast-paced novels with a sense of tension and excitement in original settings that can grow and develop over time.

For this open novel call, Uncanny Books would like to hire authors on a Work for Hire basis.  Because we want to create shared worlds that authors can further explore for a long time to come, we want to purchase all rights to the worlds and characters that you create for us.  In other words, we want to hire talented authors to write stories that will become the intellectual property of Uncanny Books.  Please keep this in mind – if we commission and pay for a novel from you, other authors may further develop the setting and characters for us in future novels and stories, also on a Work for Hire basis.  (And of course we might just hire you to further develop the worlds you create for us – if we hired you once, we’re that much more likely to hire you again.)  If you are unclear about what this means for you and your work, don’t hesitate to ask.  We accept agented and unagented submissions, and are open to submissions from first-time or established authors.  We pay a professional rate of five cents per word advance on a 20% of net profit of the stand-alone novel.  This advance will be paid within thirty days of final acceptance of completed manuscript.  The total length of your novel should be 50,000 to 75,000 words.

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