“With independent film investment dollars at an all-time low, filmmakers are searching everywhere for alternative means of getting their films made. To meet that need, a number of exciting filmmaking competitions have sprung up – but none so expansive and prize-rich as Filmmakers Alliance’s Ultimate Filmmaking Competition,” says Jacque Thelemaque, Competition Director and Filmmakers Alliance President Jacques Thelemaque.

The Competition offers a $200,000 cash grant to the winning film along with a complete package of resources for a total prize of at least $500,000. In addition, the winning film will get a major festival premiere as well as receive global distribution on multi-platforms. The selection process is rigorous, but broken down into stages that do not demand a completed script for the first round of submissions. The final judging round will be conducted by a broad range of top industry professionals.

Like its predecessor Project Greenlight, The Ultimate Filmmaker Competition is a feature film competition designed to bring the winning film to screen while creating awareness for the film and filmmaker at every stage of the process. As Competition Director and Filmmakers Alliance President Jacques Thelemaque states “This isn’t about just finding and making a great film, it’s about establishing the career of a unique new filmmaking voice.”

The Early Bird Deadline for submissions is May 19th with the Final Deadline set for June 19th. The competition is presented by Filmmakers Alliance and sponsored by Canon, NeoFlix, Final Cut Studio, MovieMaker Magazine and ProductionHub.com. For more information go to: Ultimate Filmmaker Competition.

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