Cemetery Dance Publications has announced a massive original novel and a huge new short story collection by Ronald Kelly, marking his triumphant return to the top of the horror genre. Hell Hollow by Kelly, 500 pages of southern horror, will be published this summer as a signed Limited Edition hardcover. Midnight Grinding & Other Twilight Terrors, a 424 page collection representing the best of Kelly’s short fiction written during the past 20 years, is available now as a signed Limited Edition hardcover.

Specializing in Southern Horror, Kelly sets his dark rural tales in his home state and other southern locations. His novels include Hindsight, Pitfall, Something Out There, Moon of the Werewolf, Father’s Little Helper, The Possession, Fear, and Blood Kin. His audio-collection Dark Dixie: Tales of Southern Horror was nominated for a Grammy award in 1991 and he has had numerous short stories in major anthologies, such as Cold Blood, Shock Rock, Hot Blood, Borderlands, The Earth Strikes Back, and Dark At Heart.

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