Vampire Apocalypse: A World Torn Asunder is the first book in the Vampire Apocalypse series from Irish author, Derek Gunn (published by KHP Industries, US and UK, under their Black Death Books imprint) and currently available worldwide.

Two new Vampire Apocalypse books are coming: Vampire Apocalypse: Descent into Chaos is with the publishers and should be released late 2008/2009. The third book in the series, Vampire Apocalypse: Fallout is nearing completion.

Vampire Apocalypse is under option by Richard Finney, an LA-based Producer-Screenwriter who has worked with such filmmakers as Steven Speilberg, Mel Gibson and George Clooney and a screen adaptation is in development – Details are available on IMDb.

Finney says that he was attracted to Gunn’s twist on the rather played-out vampire genre. “It seems like we’ve [already] seen everything, but this novel puts forth a [new] take on the universe. The original concept will allow us as filmmakers to explore new terrain in the subgenre. Gunn’s story also takes the sexy posturing out of vampires and turns them back to what they are: bloodsucking animals that feed on humans. We’re very excited to be working with an author as clever as Derek!”, Jan ’07.

In support of the Vampire Apocalypse series, a new web site is now live. You can read about the Vampire Apocalypse universe, excerpts, reviews, the latest screen adaptation news and other news and fiction from Derek Gunn … Vampire Apocalypse

Derek is a member of the Horror Writers Association and The British Fantasy Society. He will be guesting at P-Con in March and Octocon in October, both of which are Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions in Dublin, Ireland. Derek is also planning on making his first visit to Fantasycon in Nottingham, UK next September.

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