Ty Schwamberger’s short story, Two Men, a Rat, And a Lady is available exclusively for the Kindle for only .99 cents! That’s over 10k words of extreme erotic horror for under a buck. But, that’s not all … from Noon on Monday, January 30th till Midnight on February 3rd, you can download Two Men, a Rat, and a Lady for FREE.

Description: Steve and Marc are two men with nothing much going on in their lives. They work little, live in a rat-infested apartment, sponge off the government and enjoy the simple things in life: booze, cigarettes and women. It’s on one lonely night they decide to take their wasted lifestyle to the next level… by calling Miss. Jena’s Escort Service.

Deanna is a smart, good looking and goal driven lady, but works in a terrible profession. If she makes it through one last night, she’ll have enough money to retire from the lifestyle she’s never quite become accustomed… If life was only that simple.

What ensues is a night full of debauchery and torture. Will Deanna have the inner-strength to make it out of the trashed apartment alive or will the two men and a filthy rat reign supreme?

Only time and one of the men’s conscience holds the answer.

Here’s where you can pick up the Kindle edition: Two Men, a Rat, And a Lady

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