Jan 8: Open Mic – All genres, all writers welcome. 20 minutes for fiction; 10 minutes for everything else.

Jan 15: Love Is Murder – join Twilight Tales for an evening of mystery and intrigue, featuring authors from the local convention of the same name taking place February 2-4. For more information: Love Is Murder

Jan 22: Shop Talk – “Writers and the internet.” How to take advantage of all it has to offer–we daresay exploit it–like a Pro without getting all tangled up. Participants TBA. Please watch: the Twilight Tales web site for more information.

Jan 28: Larry Santoro: The Bluffton Debut! At long last, the tales of the magical town of Bluffton are bound in print! Joshua Doetsch: A new favorite pick from the open mic, Josh brings off fantasy in style!

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