Twilight Tales will be undergoing a few changes in the coming months leading up to their fifteenth anniversary in November. The first of the changes will be more open mic time. This will initially take the form of theme nights with standard open mice limits applying. Stories on those nights will not be limited to the theme, but some tie in would be nice if its possible. Theme nights will generally be the third Monday of the month. The month of October will also follow a slightly different format and Twilight Tales will make announcements about those details as the time approaches.

Below is a brief schedule of the theme nights they already have planned.

May 19, The Twilight Tales Song Book – Every song sets off a story in our heads, tell us what song and where it sends your mind wandering.

June 16, The Longest Day of Your Life – The summer solstice is upon us, tell us about the longest day in your life or the character of your choosing.

Dates yet to be determined …

Beach Blanket Blood Bath – Summer sun and fun and death. If you wrote the horror for all those beach movies how would you do it?

Dog Days – What happens when the dogs take control? What if humans suddenly became dogs? Would anyone notice?

Return of the Night Season – Days grow shorter, nights get longer, and the creatures of the night come out to play or torment those poor mortal fools who live in the day light. Who’s your monster? What’s your pleasure/terror?

Also in June, Twilight Tales will be doing a Pride Night Feature. The Tentative date for that will be Monday June 23. So if you have a story or an idea laying about the old PC featuring, GLBT characters or themes, send them a note and they’ll put you down as a reader for the evening.

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