The Tennessee Wraith Chasers of Travel Channel’s ‘Haunted Live’ Take On The Historic Wynnewood Estate, The Cursed Home’s First-Ever Paranormal Investigation

Haunted Live “10-26-18” – Premieres Friday, October 26 at 10 p.m. ET/PT

The Tennessee Wraith Chasers investigate Wynnewood Estate in Castalian Springs, Tennessee. Dating to 1828, Wynnewood is the largest existing log structure in Tennessee. Built upon Native American burial grounds, Wynnewood was once an important stop for pioneers and adventurers traveling to the wild frontier west of Tennessee. Andrew Jackson once stayed over, and even outlaw Jesse James stayed there. One of the favorite pastimes of guests was digging up Indian graves and taking the bones home as grisly souvenirs. Some believe the macabre desecration unleashed a curse on the Wynne family. During the Civil War, the Wynne family were divided in their loyalties, with one son dying while fighting for the Confederates. Descendants died from a series of strange and horrific deaths — including the grisly suicide of a grandson who tragically took his own life by drinking carbolic acid. Visitors and groundskeepers have felt the presence of male entities all over the property. Some people have been touched and pushed, while others have heard voices.

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