Seclusion: Islesbury is set for a 2017 release and is now available for voting on Steam Greenlight with its first two trailers; a gameplay sneak peek and a story teaser.

Take the role of Jason Endel in this mysterious adventure to the depths of madness and horror of Islesbury, a town with an infamous past and no future. There is nothing good left in this town and your arrival will make things only worse.

Players will go through an investigation to solve a decade old murder case using the environments and their wits.

Main features:

  • Explore realistic, detailed locations ranging from desolated apartments to lonely streets, dark woods to dangerous cliffs, and many more secret places!
  • Unravel secrets of a town with an infamous past.
  • Solve sensible puzzles that will challenge and guide you through the game.
  • Experience the journey in a more immersive manner with first person panoramic, high quality visuals.
  • No distractions! With its minimal UI, Seclusion provides an unescapable journey.
  • Powered by Senscape’s specialized adventure game engine Dagon.

Seclusion: Islesbury is now available on Steam Greenlight and set to be released in third quarter of 2017.

Greenlight Page:

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