MonstersCemetery Dance Publications announced they’ll be publishing a new Halloween short story e-book every weekday between now and October 31st to celebrate their favorite season of spooks and ghouls and goblins. Cemetery Dance eBook Singles, which are short
stories, are priced at just 99 cents each. The series started off with “Monsters” by Stewart O’Nan, which was available for download beginning yesterday.

Description: They were going to be monsters for the Church haunted house — Creatures from the Black Lagoon. Mark and his best friend Derek would each get to wear a suit with a zipper up the back and a head that fit like a diving helmet. They could scare the little kids and gross out the girls. No one would know who they were. But a backyard accident will ensure this Halloween is even more memorable than the young boys expect, and their friendship will never be the same…

Some of the other authors involved include Joe R. Lansdale, Ray Garton, Simon Clark, Norman Prentiss, Kealan Patrick Burke, Ed Gorman, Lisa Morton, Brian James Freeman, and many others.

You can pick this one up for the Kindle for only $.99 here: Monsters: A Halloween Short Story

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