Phoenix Entertainment and Under The Bed Films proudly presents The Zombie Apocalypse Collection Featuring Scream Farm. This 2-disc DVD set contains a collection of undead tales for horror lovers everywhere, including the full-length feature Scream Farm, starring Jim O’Rear (The Dead Matter), Ted Alderman (Vampyre Tales), Kimberly Lynn Cole (Cremains), and Maria Kil (The Deepening). Scream Farm follows a group of students who find a mysterious substance that begins turning them and the townspeople into flesh-craving zombies.

The Zombie Apocalypse Collection Featuring Scream Farm also contains Ghouls Gone Wild, In The Event Of A Zombie Attack, Brainz, and White Zombi. It’s hours of madness, mayhem, martial arts, monsters, and hot chicks!

DVD in stores now.

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