The Witch With No NameSlim Cricket Books, a developer of interactive e-books, has announced its latest e-book App has received a “lite” version, The Witch With No Name Lite, available now for free download in the App Store® in North America, for Apple® iPad™, and Apple® iPhone™ and on Google Play.

The Witch With No Name tells the story of a witch who lost her name. Through her adventures of searching for her name and trying to discover what happened to her, she receives a parcel which contains the very last “U-See-All” crystal ball. The crystal ball includes four ingredients for a magic potion: the smell of a moldy sock, a giant nose hair, glow-worm juice, and a concerto of bottom burps. Intrigued by the crystal ball, the witch sets off with her faithful friend Batina the bat, in search of these mysterious items.

This amazing interactive e-book utilizes the capabilities of the compass, camera, gyroscope, and microphone in an amazing and unique way different than any e-book out there. The Witch With No Name provides a wonderful mix of storytelling, animated cartoon and adventure games through a magical interactive world where the final revelation will leave you begging for more!

Head over to the App Store® or Google Play and download The Witch With No Name for free today, and get in on the Halloween fun.

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