Christopher Lee’s final Dracula performance wings its way on lush leathery batwings thanks to this new high-definition transfer that serves up these satanic rites as never been seen. A dying man’s report of a ritual black mass stirs Britain’s security chief into action and a mansion filled with young vampire girls is soon discovered. This is only the first layer of a labyrinth of horror.

Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee pair up for the final Hammer Dracula in this follow-up to Dracula AD 1972 . In this go-round, the Count (Christopher Lee, naturally) pursues a more pulpish super-villainous playbook, posing as a millionaire industrialist, alive and well and living in London while secretly brewing up a batch of super-plague in a quest to destroy the world. Mixing Satanists, spies, and Sci-Fi, the viewer is glad that Peter Cushing is on hand to solidly anchor the more outré elements as the effortlessly expositioning Dr. Van Helsing. Lee, in turn, is given more dialogue as Dracula than is the norm, and ratchets up the evil to the nth degree. Joanna Lumley (Absolutely Fabulous) co-stars. Also known as Count Dracula and his Vampire Bride.

16×9 Widescreen

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