Megan Hart is inviting readers to catch Part One of her new serial of stories, The Resurrected, for free.

Description: When a series of freak storms sweep across the world, they leave behind something more than devastation. First come the swift-growing flowers, smelling like heaven and dying as quickly as they bloom. Next comes the infestation as the flowers breed and multiply inside their hosts. After that, chaos, mayhem and death.

And after that … resurrection.

“Writing The Resurrected has been a passion project since I typed the first word,” says Hart. “A planned serial of short, interconnected stories of between 10,000-15,000 words, each part of The Resurrected is meant to tell the overall story of a world changed forever by the infestation of alien flowers that root in human hosts, killing them and bringing them back from the dead to infest others. While every story acts as a “chapter” in the overall story, all the stories are also meant to stand alone.”

Readers can begin the serial with a free read, The Resurrected Part One, which is available right now at Hart’s website. And in the very near future The Resurrected will become available from major digital retailers including, Barnes and, the iBookstore and others.

“I hope lovers of alien spores, zombies and post apocalyptic fiction will enjoy The Resurrected as much as I’m enjoying writing it,” Hart added. “Horror has long been my favorite genre to read. In fact, I got my start writing short horror, sf and fantasy stories before turning toward different genres.”

Catch the free chapter here: The Resurrected Part One

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