Night Shade Books is launching a new feature on their web site: The Night Shade Interview. Their inaugural episode features the Bunny Magus himself, Night Shade author Mark Teppo, talking about his recently-released novel Lightbreaker, its forthcoming sequel Heartland, Urban Fantasy, Western Occultism, industrial music, and Teppo’s appearance at San Francisco’s Borderlands Books.

“I tend to avoid like-minded characters and writers when I’m working through the first book of a series so as to imprint it with my own vision,” says Teppo. “I figure if I don’t know the details of what’s been done, it is much harder for me to unconsciously ape them. Later, when I’m more grounded in my own take on things, then I can reacquaint myself with the fellow occult detectives and add some riffs on the history there. But too early on, the homage—or the use of them as character templates—comes out too much like parody.”

Catch the complete interview here: Mark Teppo

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