Subterranean Press has just announced they’ll be publishing a special edition of Ray Bradbury’s seminal collection, The Golden Apples of the Sun. Not only does it restore the original 1953 table of contents – including such classics as “The Pedestrian,” “A Sound of Thunder,” and “The Fog Horn” – it also features, for the first time anywhere, play versions of two of these extraordinary tales, printed in facsimile format, exactly as Bradbury originally wrote them.

As with Subterranean’s other Bradbury titles, Golden Apples of the Sun will be printed in two colors throughout. The lettered edition, the only version signed by Mr. Bradbury, will contain additional material not in the numbered edition. Limited: 300 numbered copies (unsigned): $50. Lettered: 26 signed copies, housed in a custom traycase, with material not in the numbered edition: $750. Check it out: Golden Apples

In other Subterranean news … they’ve just received the slipcases for Ray Bradbury’s celebration in prose, I Sing the Body Electric and Other Stories, and will be packing copies over the weekend to ship early next week. Also just in are the cases to Up From The Bottomless Pit and Other Stories, a 140,000 word collection — including an unpublished novel — by science fiction icon Philip Jose Farmer. As with the Bradbury, they expect to be shipping all orders by the beginning of next week.

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