CIC Publishing has just released the first edition of The Necromancers or Love Zombies of San Diego by E.Z. Graves in a digital format. This is a young adult zombie horror novella that sells for only $2.99.

Description: Zombie teens in this book can talk, and they can fight, and they join forces with breather teens fighting out of the La Jolla Caves who want to make their own mark in this battle to the death with the Zombie Apocalypse. Since we are dead, we can infiltrate the old school zombies and find out the source of the plague. With the help of world renowned geneticist, Dr. Mike Barkin, we’re going to kick these creepers in the ass, and we’re going to grease our swords with their brains.

My name is Josh, no last name, and I’m a zombie hunter. I’m also in love with another zombie named Tasha. We’ll take you with us as we crush these hordes where they live – deep inside their hive – and what happens to us will happen to you because you’ll be dead too, one day, and that day might be coming sooner than you think! If the zeros don’t get you, then we will. But, hey, seriously? We’re the good guys. Or, are we? Check out this book to find out the truth – if you can handle the truth, that is. Not many adults can. I suppose we’re their last hope. Nice to have you with us. We’ll watch your back if you watch ours.

You can pick up the Kindle edition here: The Necromancers

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