The Martledge Variations will mark Simon Kurt Unsworth’s return to the world of Richard Nakata, hero of his 2011 collection  Quiet Places.

Simon Kurt Unsworth has written two novels set in Hell, and four short-story collections set in places that might be Hell, given time. He lives with his wife, the writer Rosie Seymour, and various children and animals in the north of the UK.

The Martledge Variations will be released on July 14th, and can be pre-ordered from

Ellie, ninety five years old and decaying from the inside from cancer and bitterness, didn’t manage to get out of her bed when the flames found her. Rather, her already-wasted flesh puckered and clenched, drawing her up into a boxer’s belligerence and the heat baked the screams in her throat and her hair singed and sparked across her scalp and blisters formed, burst and dried to nothing across her skin.

From The Dancers

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