Necon Classic Horror has released the digital edition of Charles L. Grant’s The Hour of the Oxrun Dead for only $4.99.

Description: The Hour of the Oxrun Dead was a breakthrough novel for Charles L. Grant. It was the first of many books dealing with Oxrun Station, his invented, cursed locale that is probably only surpassed by Lovecraft’s Arkham and King’s Castle Rock in the minds of horror fans. First appearing in 1977, it helped usher in the golden age of horror fiction in the 1980s.

Character-driven and emotionally wrenching, The Hour of the Oxrun Dead’s subtlety stands in sharp contrast to the “gore galore” style that would come to dominate horror fiction.

If you love horror and you haven’t read Charles L. Grant, you need to give him a read. His voice is unique, his stories powerful, and he believed that the horror genre was much more than a bucket of blood and a handful of cheap scares.

You can pick up the Kindle edition here: The Hour of the Oxrun Dead

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