SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that they have just released the film festival award winning horror comedy film GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE. Winner of 9 Film Festival Awards!!! Winner Best Film at Lucky Strike Film Festival, Winner Best Feature at FANtastic Horror Film Festival, Winner Best Comedy at Artists & Aliens Film Festival, Winner Outstanding Horror Comedy at Zed Fest Film Festival, Winner Best Director at Southern Sykos Horror Film Festival, Winner Best Ensemble at An Anti-Hero Production Genre Fest, Winner Honorable Mention at Hollywood Horrorfest Film Festival, Winner Outstanding Horror Comedy Feature at Los Angeles Academy of Film Awards, Winner Narrative Feature Comedy at Hollywood Independent Filmmaker Awards.

Written, directed, and produced by Gregory Blair. Starring Andy Gates, Nichole Bagby, David Leeper, Lise Hart, Gregory Blair, Dawna Lee Heising, Matt Weinglass, Tiffani Fest, LeJon, Raymond Vinsik Williams, Art Roberts, and Marv Blauvelt.

SYNOPSIS: A gathering of friends goes awry when an uninvited guest appears with a pickaxe and an attitude.

The movie is now available worldwide on Blu-ray and DVD.

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