The HellionIn Joel Robert Anderson’s The Hellion, a man learns a terrible secret about his biological father. This is a book of George’s adventures delivered with dark humor, fantasy and horror. Anderson’s novel takes an interesting look at revenge and redemption in life and the afterlife.

Description: In the tiny village of Riverton, Minn., a woman, drinking with a stranger, passes out. While taking advantage of her, the stranger transforms into a devil. Nine months later, George is born.

Knowing his origins, she despises George and encourages her first son, Rick, to join her in tormenting him. George grows bold and vengeful. Over a decade later, his mother commits suicide, the family breaks apart and an old lumberjack takes George in.

Years later, George has an affair with Rick’s wife. Rick murders them, pins her murder on George and claims self-defense. George finds himself in Hell.

The Hellion follows Anderson’s life, and his adventures resulting from ill treatment by his “sadistic” mother and older half-brother in the northern Minnesota wilderness.

About the Author: A native of northeastern Minnesota, Joel Robert Anderson went on to spend eight years in Army intelligence and 26 as a military contractor. Over a decade of his time as a military contractor was spent in Asia.

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