Greg Lamberson is gearing up for the release of his novel, Johnny Gruesome (Bad Moon Books), in the fall of this year with an addition to the first two Johnny Gruesome comics that appear online at his website. How? He’s adding the Gruesome CD. This original rock CD, written and recorded by Giasone Italiano and his wife Marcy, offers listeners eight tracks of in your face music primarily based on the characters and concepts from the novel. Fun, loud, and pure rock, if the comics don’t hook your interest, the CD will.

The CD is scheduled to officially launch at Horrorfind in the U.S. and Festival of Fear in Canada in August. The Johnny Gruesome Death Mask, sculpted by Matt Patterson of Matty Mask will also debut at these events. However, you can order the CD online beginning July 1st, with the CDs shipping sometime after August 1st. The retail price is $10.00, plus $3.00 shipping. You can order here on July 1st: Gruesome CD

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