As the captain of an Alaskan touring boat, J. Kevin Burchfield is known as “Captain Kevin” to tourists and sightseers. He shares a darker, fictional side to the Alaskan landscape in his two books, The Great Alaskan Adventure … With Zombies released in 2010, and the new Full Moon Over Juneau.

Description: a tale of Government deceit … cover up … beer … and of course a heaping side dish of Zombies! It’s a rollicking adventure that takes you through the beautiful northern end of Southeast Alaska whilst our gang of misfits tries to survive an onslaught of brain noshing baddies. Farfetched you say … well once you see the twists and turns you won’t think so. Just remember when the man says “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help.” You better run.

Burchfield moved to Alaska after growing up in Oklahoma City. As owner of “Lost in Alaska Adventures,” he and his boat provide fishing expeditions and whale watching tours, among other events.

While he’s never seen a zombie or werewolf on his tours, the geography in the books is accurate for those possibly planning an Alaskan trek through locations including Hoonah and Tenakee Springs.

You can order directly from Amazon here: Great Alaskan Adventure … With Zombies

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