The newest issue of the Gila Queen’s Guide To Markets is out. Chock full of the latest news on science fiction, fantasy, and horror markets, the issue runs 89 pages and is delivered over four emails.

The release of this issue also marks a special day in editor Kathy Ptacek’s career … the 30th anniversary of the sale of her first novel. That was Satan’s Angel, an historical romance penned by Kathryn Atwood (Atwood being a family name on her mother’s side) and published by Jove Books.

The Gila Queen’s Guide To Markets offers a great line up of science fiction, fantasy and horror markets that are looking for manuscripts. Also included are open anthologies, staff changes at various publishing houses, news in genres, and much more.

You can subscribe to Gila Queen’s Guide To Markets for $20.00 for 20 issues. To find out more, visit their website: The Gila Queen

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