Fans of supernatural web series Under the Flowers will get another taste of the darkness in Season 2, Under the Flowers: Circle of Hell. The second season of the award-winning web series finds goth spirit Poe (Lauren LaVera) attempting to transform her tortured soul and move on as ‘Rose’ (Amanda Kay Livezey) in a hellish odyssey set in the In-Between, a place glimpsed in Season 1.

Bravely facing down her many demons, Rose’s journey soon grows even darker, rapidly sending her to the outer edges of Hell and threatening the very destruction of her soul. Will her friend Charlotte, “The Halloween Girl” (Catherine Kustra) come to her friend’s aid, or will the price be too high in the Circle of Hell? Under the Flowers: Circle of Hell features a primarily female cast and sees the return of characters from Season 1 in addition to brand new colourful and sinister characters. It also takes a distinctly darker turn.

“Once our first season wrapped, I knew the next one had to be a dark fairy tale”, says writer/director Richard T. Wilson. “The scenes based in the In-Between had really awakened my love of otherworldly adventure stories, so we were pretty much headed for The Wizard of Oz meets Dante’s Inferno once all was said and done! Poe’s transformation into Rose and her struggle to remain in her new life had a lot of personal resonance for me, as did Charlotte’s pitched battles with the character of The Darkness, so I was absolutely walking the Circle of Hell right along with them.”

Season 1 of Under the Flowers won Best Web Series at both the Largo Film Awards (2017) and Direct Short Online Film Festival (2017). It was also an Official Selection at the 17th First Glance Film Festival LA (2017), the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, and the Do the Unthinkable International Film Festival. Under the Flowers: Circle of Hell will be streaming on OPPRIMEtv, the exclusive home of Under the Flowers, and Mad Shelley Films’ first horror short The Halloween Girl.

UNDER THE FLOWERS: Circle of Hell (Episode 1) from RTW Productions, Inc. on Vimeo.

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