The Etruscan Mask is a supernatural horror movie taking place in Siena, where a group of international art student has to deal with the bloody misteries of an ancient artifact.

The screenplay was written by Ted Nicolaou (the Subspecies series) from a story by producer Robero Bessi (whose credits include Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator and From Beyond).

The movie was shot in the summer of 2006 between Siena and Turin as the joint effort of two production company, Fargo Film (based in Turin) and Buskin Film (from Rome), with a local crew and is the first in a series of horror movies to be shot on the Italian soil. Most crewmembers cut their teeth with the genre by working on Dario Argento’s NonHoSonno (Sleepless) and Do You Like Hitchcock?

The movie right now is in the last days of post-production, with the visual effects being held by Proxima Sfx, already responsible, among the others, for The Exorcist: The Beginning.

With the distribution rights in hands of the British Beyond International, The Etruscan Mask aims for a late 2007 release. Keep an eye out for it.

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