M. Amanuensis Sharkchild’s The Image Of Odd Transaction And Collection, The Dark Verse Episode 76, is now available for download at TheDarkVerse.com, on iTunes, or at the Zune Marketplace.

Description: “Head down this way,” I motioned with my arms, directing the couple before me into the stairway leading down into the basement of my house. “This will be the most exquisite collection you have ever seen. I promise you,” I added.

“Very good,” a man, clad in a black suit, an olive shirt, and a pale, yellow tie replied. He then escorted the woman at his side down the stairs. The woman wore an elegant and vivid yellow dress that eclipsed her form flawlessly.

I followed behind the couple.

We entered the white-lit wonder of my basement. Black, velvet counters lined the walls and made aisles throughout the space. On these counters were displayed an array of ancient, unfamiliar jewelry that included bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and charms — some sparkling, some dull, some with rubies, some with emeralds, some with diamonds, some silver, some gold, some carved in jade, some carved in ivory, some carved in stone, some carved in materials unknown. The arrangement of lights on the ceiling angled upon the counters perfectly and completely, leaving no piece unenchanted by the soaking of light. There were pieces in this collection older than the known civilizations of history, found by me through means no archaeologist or historian could fathom.

Listen to the entire story: Episode 76

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