The Dark Verse Episode 62, The Thief Of Timeworn Lives And His Fortress, is available for download at, on iTunes, or at the Zune Marketplace.

“As you have hopefully noticed, a lot has changed for The Dark Verse these last few days,” says M. Amanuensis Sharkchild. “John F. Stifter made me an all new podcast image (view it on the new episode, on iTunes, or my website), I created a new intro for the episodes (it’s on this newest episode), I’m using a slightly different sounding voice as the narrator, and there is an entirely remodeled website! If you haven’t seen the new website yet, take a look at – you’ll definitely be impressed; I want to believe that you will be impressed with all that is new about The Dark Verse.

“I also have a brand new website, which has the same format as The Dark Verse website but a different theme – a consistency that I will continue to display with all of my works. And finally, there’s an RSS feed on the new that will be my master feed.”

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