In order to pump up the interest in his collection, The Dark is Light Enough, MeJohn Claude Smith has been posting a run-through of the stories with some comments from reviews, story samples and what-not on his blog. The current entry is The Dark … Reloaded: “The Sunglasses Girl.” Sex, Survival, Something More… You can check it out here: The Sunglasses Girl.

Smith is a writer of novels and short speculative fiction in all variations of darkness, from weird to horror to magic realism and more. He has two novels being shopped around by his agent, and an ebook collection (with a possible print edition as well), The Dark is Light Enough for Me, which came out 11-11-11. The novels are: The Corner in his Mind, which is magic realism veering into horror and deals with love and the peripheral phantoms; and The Wilderness Within, a melding of psychological and paranormal forces, also dealing with love, and an insidious, sentient forest.

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