curseofnordiccoveThis was just entirely TOO AWESOME not to pass on:

From the Press Release
The Curse of Nordic Cove is a proudly brutal indie game that combines first-person shooting with survival horror, golf, driving and adventure to create something quite bizarre. Developed by On The Level Game Studios, the game is available now for Windows, Mac and Linux, and for a limited time is just £3.25 / $4.99 via Amazon and Desura.

Paulie Chops is charged with the duty of bringing down an ancient cursed Viking, Helfdane, preventing him from reaching his girlfriend and causing general mayhem. With the help of a few friends, a set of golf clubs, a myriad of wacky and wonderful weapons, and a lawnmower tank, Paulie sets out to defeat Helfdane and his minions.


– Experience a maniacal mash-up of genres packed with On The Level Game Studio’s unique brand of indie insanity, and an equally crazy level of challenge and toughness.

– Wield a plethora of bizarre weapons, including a tesla-fueled potato gun and explosive golf balls.

– Defeat a variety of enemies, including teleporting Vikings, werewolf berserkers, and even napalm-excreting ravens!

– Drive a lawnmower tank (lovingly dubbed Mabel) armed with numerous Viking killing modifications.

– Game mechanics that change throughout the game.  Witness The Curse of Nordic Cove transition from FPS to golf simulator, driving game to stealth-’em-up.

On The Level Game Studios 
In May 2011, Jeff and Carolyn Reimert founded On The Level Game Studios, an indie studio focused on making brilliantly bizarre games, the likes of which the mainstream industry would never deliver. Since then, the team has grown to 12, including programmers, artists, sales and marketing people, producers, musicians and evil-doers. During this time, this irreverent bunch of Houstonians released their debut title, The Curse of Nordic Cove, and are now hard at work on their musical sophomore effort, Boo Bunny Plague.
To learn more, visit the official Curse of the Nordic Cove website.

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