Untreed Reads has launched a brand-new horror short story series from author Joshua Calkins-Treworgy entitled Roads Through Amelia. The first entry in the series is entitled “The Beast and The Forgotten Tribesman.”

Description: Welcome to Amelia, an area of land that’s filled with the creatures from your darkest nightmares. In this first visit, a homeless man finds himself up against a creature determined to kill him and his fellow street people. This release includes Roadmap To Amelia, an introduction to the series by the author.

Founded by Jay A. Hartman in 2008 as a way to promote ebooks, with an emphasis on independent authors and publishers, Untreed Reads is dedicated to bringing the best new fiction and nonfiction ebooks to readers throughout the world.

You can purchase the short story directly through Untreed Reads for $1 here: The Beast and The Forgotten Tribesman

The Kindle edition is available here: The Beast and The Forgotten Tribesman

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