Damnation Books LLC has released Nick Cato’s The Apocalypse of Peter in both paperback and digital editions.

Description: It’s The End of the World as You NEVER Knew It

Seminary student Peter Barnes and his senior friend Harvey Connor didn’t expect the last days to include neon meteor showers, unexplainable mutated creatures, or that they’d be housing an all-girl rock band. Thinking they must be the last people on earth, Peter’s understanding of all he had been taught becomes rapidly overthrown…especially when a young, ghost-like figure calls him and an offbeat army on a mission to go up against a most unusual foe. Peter’s faith is thrown through the ringer as he gets closer to discovering just what it is that has turned the planet into a festering eye-sore of theological chaos…

An Excerpt: “Since I didn’t see anyone choking, vomiting, or passing out, and since I was starting to sweat like a gorilla in a sauna, I decided to step out of my little Toyota, amazed the spheres had missed my car.

“You see what happened?” the old man said, as if we were already involved in a conversation.

“Kind of. I saw a bunch of birds fly over that store then I heard the explosion.”

The old man looked at me with a gaze that sent chills down my back. Without saying a word, and with the Sun reflecting the yellow polka dots onto his bald head, his countenance screamed, Something’s wrong. Very wrong.”

YOu can pick it up from Amazon here: The Apocalypse of Peter

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