Ryan Notch has released his novel, The Abyss Above Us, in a digital edition for only $4.99.

Description: There is a place in the sky where there are no stars, no matter how deeply the astronomers gaze into it. Atop a lonely mountain stands a mighty telescope that turns towards the coordinates of this abyss nightly, as if drawn to it. Receiving its commands from a computer that hasn’t existed for twenty years.

Introverted network engineer Shaw is brought in to find out why.

All too soon he finds that while the night sky may be dark, it is not silent. A signal is coming from those coordinates. Creating a sound liquid and hypnotic with layers of data that suggest anything but randomness. A siren’s song that leads to horrific suicides in everyone who listens to it.

By the time Shaw realizes this, it’s too late to stop the signal he sent back into the night. A signal obviously received, for the abyss has begun to move.

And it’s moving towards us.

“The book features a lot of very different ideas that had been haunting my thoughts for years,” says Notch. “As a result it was incredibly hard to pull them all together into something coherent. I got to the point where I would sit down to write and not allow myself to eat until I had a thousand words. Sometimes you have to let your stomach bully your brain into action.”

You can pick up the Kindle edition here: The Abyss Above Us

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