Zombielama Productions LLC has released the digital edition of the anthology, Tales of the New Mexico Mythos, edited by Paul Bustamante. The Kindle edition is currently available for only $.99.

Description: New Mexico.

The Land of Enchantment.

Ask anybody who has moved and stayed here why they chose not to leave, and most will tell you there’s something about the state they can’t quite put their finger on. Maybe it’s the gorgeous sunsets, the culture, or maybe it’s the food. Which, if you ever come out and somebody in a restaurant asks you “Red or Green”, tell him or her “Christmas”. You won’t be disappointed.

New Mexico is also home to a lot of lore and superstitions. From “La LLorona”, the local version of “The Lady in White”, to aliens, witchcraft, and various Native American legends. Some people even claim to have seen Bigfoot.

The stories in this volume started out with a single premise: what if a Spanish Monk brought a book written by the Grand Inquisitor Torquemada to “The New World” in order to hide it? This book, “Jornada del Muerto”, contained all of the confessions made to Torquemada by the so-called heretics he tortured and murdered before commending their souls to God. What if the Pueblo Revolution of 1680 wasn’t just about driving the Spanish out, but about the Native Americans sensing an evil presence and attempting to get rid of it before it could cause harm?

As with all such things, the book gets lost. Legends and lore grow about the
powers of such a book, and men and women have searched for it for centuries in order to learn its dark secrets.

Next, create a playground for the author’s stories, the mythical town of Mystico, and cut them loose.

Of course, not all of the stories tie in to this premise. From Ariel Gore’s haunting “Ana Blue”, to David J. Corwell y Chávez’s rousing treasure hunt story, the stories in this book are as varied as the tales of New Mexico itself. Other tales, such as Vincent Kovar’s “No Smoking”, immerse themselves in the background premise of the book to chilling effect.

Welcome to the weirder side of the Land of Enchantment.

You can pick up the Kindle edition here: Tales of the New Mexico Mythos

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